Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Better All The Time

(From Buffyworld)

Episodes I've Seen So Far, In Order: (Season Two: "Judgment", "Over the Rainbow", "There's No Place Like Plrtz Girb". All of Seasons Three and Four [Except for "Peace Out"]. All of Season Five. All of Season One.)

I was all set to do primarily a post about Lindsey McDonald and his moral ambiguities. But then I saw Wesley's pub scene at the beginning of "Judgment" to kick off Season 2, and now I'm going, "OH MY GOD THAT MAN IS FRICKIN HOT I'M ON FIRE SOMEONE CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!!".

Geez, what's a girl to do when she sees Alexis Denisof wearing that unbuttoned yellow shirt with a half-untucked undershirt underneath, playing darts like he's a world champion, and casting suave glances at the blonde sitting at the bar? When I saw Wes, I just wanted to reach in and untuck the rest of his undershirt. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, at the start of Season 2, is well on his way to being the New and Improved Wesley.

I don't even care that he accidentally hit someone with a dart as he tried to impress the blonde by attempting a blind shot. He could have entirely missed the board on all of his tries and I wouldn't have minded.

While we're at it, wasn't that a cute, cute beginning to "Judgment", where Cordelia and Wesley answered their 911 pages, met up with Angel at the health club, strode down the pathway between the exercise equipment like the Almighty Triumvirate while acting like they owned the joint, scared the crap out of the health club attendant when he found out Angel didn't show up in the mirror, then beat up the demons and rescued the this-close-to-being-sacrificed humans? I also thought Wesley fought quite nicely in that scene, taking out that creepy-looking humanoid without too many problems.

We found out in "Sanctuary" that Wesley was no stranger to darts and pubs, (he ran into the Watchers Council hitmen there), giving us our first proof that he did, in fact, leave his apartment and 3-D crossword puzzle books behind once in a while. We also heard Wesley protest to Cordelia in "The Ring" that he had a rich and varied social life, despite her insistence that his idea of a social life was watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune while swigging down hot cocoa.

Wesley also seemed to know all about Madam Dorion's demon brothel, explaining that "The Watcher's Council is rife with stories about it." I loved the look Angel gave to Wesley when Wesley first mentioned the brothel, causing Wesley to come up with the "heard it from the Watcher's Council" explanation.

Wes was also the one who introduced Cordelia and Angel to Lorne's/The Host's Caritas karaoke bar, giving us yet one more hint that he might have occasionally left his apartment as soon as Wheel of Fortune finished up.

I'm not saying that Wesley picked up a girl, human or otherwise, for wild sex every time he went out for the night, but I do recall this interview with Alexis Denisof at a BBC site where he talked about Wesley finally able to "get a little" in Season 2 (with Virginia Bryce. Mein Gott, I'm looking forward to that.) Denisof went on to say that

"It had been a pretty dry area for him.

Although, there are allusions made to his sex life from time to time, that he may be more than meets the eye in that department, he's going out and having a wild time and keeping it quiet."

I'm looking forward to some more "allusions" as the seasons progress. I know about Angel sensing the "bleach blond" in one upcoming episodes, and the fact that Wesley almost slipped out that he owned a pair of handcuffs (which, presumably, we finally saw when he held Justine as a slave in Season 4.)

Always keep an audience guessing, right? The fact that Wesley might, in fact, might not have been suffering in that department could explain why he wasn't going all swoony over Cordelia. He did seem to have a history of compartmentalizing his women into the "naughty" (Lilah) and "nice" (Fred) categories. Although Cordelia didn't strike me as the straight-laced type, she was perhaps a bit more inexperienced than she was letting on. She might have been really shocked to find out what Wesley was up to, which might have jeopardized their friendship. Wesley probably wanted to protect her from the truth, and contented himself with happily keeping things "nice" with her.

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