Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Did Wesley and Lilah First Meet?

One of the things I was curious about when I started watching the first season of Angel (after having already seen Seasons 3 through 5) was, when did Lilah Morgan and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce first meet?

In a podcast that Stephanie Romanov recorded for Sci-Fi Talk, I don't remember her exact wording, but the implication was clear that she couldn't remember appearing in a scene together with Alexis Denisof before she first made the Wolfram & Hart job offer to him in late Season 3.

I suspected that, although they didn't exactly "meet", they at least first appeared together in the same scene towards the end of "That Vision Thing" when Angel and his crew made the handoff of the misogynist Billy to Lilah and her cohorts in a parking lot. From what I can tell, after seeing Seasons 1 and 2, I'm pretty sure I'm correct in that the handoff of Billy was their first "meeting".

(Update June 16, 2009. Damn! I just realized. Did Lilah see Wesley in Season 1's "The Ring", when Wes and Cordy rescued Angel from the demon fight club?)

The entire focus of the scene was between Angel and Lilah. Lilah and Wes did not have any direct dialogue, and any eye contact they might have had would have been pretty meaningless as they were both focused on the overall mission of handing off Billy and (at least in Wesley's case) releasing Cordelia from her hijacked visions.

However, I was absolutely delighted that earlier in Season 2, Lilah did have a chance to at least notice Wesley for the very first time. That was the scene in "Blood Money" where Angel had Anne (the director of the teen shelter) show the entire fundraising audience a supposedly "incriminating" tape against Wolfram & Hart. However, the tape was actually just Wes and Cordy goofing around with their new recording equipment.

Again, I'm not sure how much of the tape really stuck with Lilah. (And, to put a damper on things, I'm not even sure if Stephanie Romanov was actually seeing the tape when she was performing the scene.) Lilah might have been scared senseless that the tape would directly show Wolfram & Hart's involvement in their plot to steal most of the money from the teen shelter charity fundraiser. As Lilah was watching the tape, she was clearly more focused not so much on what it was showing, but on the fact that it wasn't about Wolfram & Hart at all.

However, wasn't it part of Lilah's job to know who was working with Angel? And wouldn't it make an impression on her if a man who clearly identified himself on-screen as "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce" was making an absolute idiot of himself and threatening to expose all during a striptease? I'd certainly remember something like that. Indeed, at one part during the proceedings, Lilah did pause and raise her eyebrows, and, if memory serves me, it was either at the end of Cordelia's "milk" soliloquy or the beginning of Wesley's performance. (But before the strip tease.) The TV audience wouldn't have been able to tell who was on the screen at that time.

I like to at least think that Lilah had Wesley's performance stored somewhere in her memory banks when she first seductively approached him with the Wolfram & Hart job offer towards the end of Season 3. Lilah might not have been thinking in terms of "This guy turns me on" when she first thought of approaching him (though she would have quickly changed her mind when the New and Improved Wes answered the door). Lilah might have been thinking in terms of "This guy is either seriously repressed or he likes a wild time. I can use that to my advantage."

As I re-watch Season 3, I'll have to try to see if Wes and Lilah met incidentally at any other time before their first official meeting in his apartment.


Anonymous said...

Lilah must have gotten an eyeful when they planted all of the camera bugs all over the hotel.

Miriam said...

So true, Anon. BTW, I was never happy with how long it took Angel et al to figure out that they were being watched. I even remember Lorne mentioning something about a buzzing sound. In fact, I can't even remember them finding out about the bugs.