Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alexis Denisof and Eliza Dushku - Together Again

It was all over my Google Alerts this morning that Joss Whedon let it be known at San Diego's 2009 Comic-Con that Alexis Denisof will appear in anywhere between "a few" to "several" Season 2 Dollhouse episodes. I'm hoping for "several", although "a few" seems to be more widely reported.

Phooey! Time for Alexis to stop gazing at beautiful little Satyana and head back to work.

The sites are also reporting that Firefly's Summer Glau might appear in some episodes, and that a "lost" episode of Season 1's Dollhouse featuring a post-apocalyptic future was screened at the convention.

I've seen two Dollhouse episodes. Naturally, I loved the first one and didn't care for the second one. I've always wanted to give the show an honest shot but, quite frankly, I'm spending so much time on Angel re-runs, I really don't have time for anything else. News that Alexis will be showing up once in a while will certainly give me an incentive to give the series another try.

One of the more intriguing little write-ups is from Blast Magazine, where Kellen Rice reports that Denisof and Dushku will "cross swords". I assume that means they'll be adversaries. I've written before about the incredible erotic tension that seemed to exist between their Wesley and Faith characters in Angel's Season 4, and I hope some of that carries over to Dollhouse. Although I'd rather see their Dollhouse characters working together, I know that anything goes in the Whedonverse, and Denisof and Dushku "crossing swords" could be quite entertaining (if it's really true.)

This TV Guide post includes a few negative comments about Eliza Dushku. I thought she was the best part of the show in the two episodes that I saw. (By the way, my husband adores her.)

A.V. Club reported that when the audience was polled as to whether Emily Deschanel's and David Boreanz' characters from Bones should sleep together or keep things platonic, "...both options received almost equal applause..." I personally think the two of them should keep things platonic, but then, I've never seen a complete episode of the series before. Emily Deschanel doesn't do anything for me, and Boreanaz looks hemmed in by his character. There's at least one other recurring actor who looks pretty good, but, from what I can tell, just about everyone else looks like kids who were performing as Smurfs at amusement parks the year before. I have some friends who adore Bones, and I really should make an honest effort to get to know the series. But again, so little time.

Variety Magazine reported that, for Season 2, "They're [Dollhouse creators] also working with a new director of photography to 'create a new look that's a lot more immediate, a lot less conventional.' And one episode will be directed by John Cassaday, a comic book artist who previously collaborated with Whedon on issues of 'Astonishing X-Men'." I always appreciate any effort to challenge audiences and push the envelope on network television.

The TV Addict quotes Joss Whedon as describing Alexis Denisof as a "young ingenue". This post, along with several others, addresses the fact that Joss Whedon likes to cast the same actors in different series (which seems to invoke a lot of snarky comments in general, although I hasten to add, not from the TV Addict). My answer is, I don't recall anyone ever criticizing John Ford for casting the same actors in his movies.

There are several sites on the web (I won't single them out) that are reporting the same story, word-for-word, about the Whedon announcements. They all refer to Denisof as the guy who played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, the bumbling Watcher, sent to look after Faith. I can understand why that aspect would be reported, since their pairing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and possibly Season 1 of Angel) was probably more famous than their pairing on Season 4 of Angel. However, why does Wesley always have to be remembered as the bumbling idiot even though he evolved into such a fantastic bad-ass character? Is it because no one watched Angel after Season 1? It's like the little fat girl who grows up to be a gorgeous super-model doomed to be forever remembered as her old fat self at family reunions.

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