Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Own Reality

One thing that fascinates me about my whole Angel experience is how I'm working through different concepts of "reality". For example, do I have to accept After the Fall as what really happened after Season 5? Or can I just ignore the published continuations and make up things on my own? Also, why did I spend so much time trying to find out what really happened to Fred's soul after Illyria took possession of her body?

What absurd questions I'm burdening myself with! It's a free country and I can imagine anything I want. Also, why do I waste my time trying to figure the most logical outcome for happened to Fred's soul when there's no such thing as demonic possessions?

Another reality I've created centers around TNT's broadcast of Angel every morning (more or less) between 6:00 and 8:00 am. In my crazy little world, whatever TNT is currently showing is currently happening in the Angel world. Old habits die hard. I've recorded all of my favorite episodes and, after seeing each episode twice as of late last week, I'm no longer watching two hours of Angel each and every day. However, I'm fighting this irrational need to keep up the facade of a "now" with the Angel characters. I have not looked at the TV listings since late last week, (pat myself on the back). but I vaguely know that TNT must be currently showing early Season 3 episodes.

The idea that all five seasons are equally "now" is just too unsettling to me, as I'm making the transition from "I'm currently watching all of the episodes" to "I've already seen them all twice". I was a little worried that I would want to see all of the episodes on TNT right away again for the the third time. However, happily for my schedule, I'm no longer as obsessed with the series as I was a few months ago. I still have a lot of blog posts left in me, and I'm relieved that I can start watching my favorite episodes and story arcs at a more leisurely pace and not feel compelled to keep up with TNT. It's kind of like the frantic first bloom of a love affair is over and I'm settling into comfortable married life.

Oddball that I am, I'm imposing the idea that I have to keep watching the seasons in some sort of order. I'm allowing myself to linger at Season 2 (probably my favorite season) for a long time while I formulate some more posts. When I've had enough of Season 2, I'll move on to Season 3. Again, irrationally, I can't seem to allow myself to talk about an episode from Season 5 one day and Season 2 the next. When I get to the point where I can just jump around effortlessly between the seasons, I'll probably have to pop open a bottle of something and celebrate.

Idle Thoughts: I'm really kind of surprised that I'm slowing down my Angel viewing habits, particularly since TNT started showing my favorite string of episodes, Season 2's season-ending Pylea arc through Season 3's Episode 14, "Loyalty".

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