Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starbucks Wasteland

Via Barry Ritholtz' The Big Picture, I found out that Jason at Kottke.org did a post in 2005 where he wondered about the "Maximum Starbucks Density". As of this moment, Ritholtz himself seems to be the winner with 215 Starbucks outlets located within 5 miles of his Manhattan office.

I plugged my home address into the Starbucks store locator widget and came up with a measly 7 shops. Incredibly, I figure I have to travel a whopping 2.5 miles to get to the closest one! Apparently my part of the metro Detroit area isn't part of the fancy coffee fashionista crowd.

Just on a lark I decided to check out a few more locators.

Walmart - Zero stores in 5 miles. 4 stores within 10 miles.

McDonald's - 4 stores within 5 miles.

CVS - 6 stores within 5 miles.

Home Depot - 3 stores within 5 miles.

Nordstrom - 1 store within 5 miles.

Value City Furniture - 1 store within 5 miles.

Family Dollar - Zero stores within 5 miles. 5 stores within 10 miles.

Office Max - 3 stores within 5 miles.

I've determined I have to drive a little ways to save money, (unless I'm remodeling my house), but I can always stop off on the way for a hamburger or a chocolate bar if I get hungry.

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