Sunday, September 27, 2009

Virginia Democrat Daniel Perrin?

I discovered via Aly Denisof's Twitter page that Alexis' Dollhouse character of Senator Daniel Perrin has his own Twitter page and website.

I looked at the "About" page on the website and found a Senator after my own heart.
United States Senator Daniel Perrin has made a name for himself by standing up for what he believes in – that no company is above the law, that information should be free, and that we are all personally responsible for society. Senator Perrin believes he was elected because of his dedication to the fight for truth and transparency, at a time where both are sadly lacking.
Fans are pointing out that we don't know if Perrin is a Democrat or Republican. So, is he the next Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul?

In his speech in the Dollhouse season premiere, Perrin spoke about how health care is a huge issue for him. This is pretty ironic for me, because I've had it up to here with talk about health care reform. I still decided to click on this link for a presentation he delivered to his constituents (and where I found out he represents the state of Virginia.). The presentation turned out to be a Scribd document showing various charts and graphs from what appear to be genuine sources (like the Congressional Budget Office and the President's Council of Economic Advisors) chronicling our exploding health care costs in the U.S. Two of the charts come from Families USA, which is a healthcare lobbying group founded by Ron Pollack, a former President Clinton appointee. That, coupled with the fact that the home page of their official website has a brief introductory statement from the late Senator Ted Kennedy, would naturally lead one to assume that Senator Daniel Perrin is a Democrat.

The fact that Alexis Denisof and Joss Whedon are both known Democratic supporters certainly helps bolster the case.

This whole Twitter/webpage thing for a TV character fascinates me, as it certainly has every appearance of serving the dual purpose of 1) promoting more interest in the show and 2) offering a more direct way to push a certain genuine political agenda. But hey - I'd rather be lectured to about healthcare costs than have mansion-dwelling jetsetters constantly exhorting me to reduce my carbon footprint.

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