Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not Quite an "Instinct" Review

I didn't see all of Dollhouse Season 2 episode "Instinct" last night since I was working at the time, but that never stops me from making a few quick observations.

Alexis Denisof and Stacey Scowley as Daniel and Cindy Perrin. I didn't have to wait long to be rewarded for my good behavior, since this married couple was threatening to perform a delicious dry hump in front of the audience until that stupid doorbell rang. I loved how, rather than being a "stand by your man" type of wife, Cindy came across as being a confident, equal partner in the relationship. The fact that they seemed totally infatuated with each other was an added benefit.

I know that nothing is ever how it appears in the Whedonverse, but I'm enjoying how, on the surface at least, Senator Daniel Perrin appears to be an idealistic truth-seeker and a devoted family man. He reminds me of John Glenn in the The Right Stuff, the Original Seven astronaut who seemed unrealistically too good to be true.

For a change, I'm going to try the tactic of accepting what's given to me by the writers at face value. Then, when I'm proven wrong, I'll be sufficiently shocked, and the writers will be able to pat themselves on the back for pulling off one more effective misdirection.

Dollhouse in General. I'm uncomfortable with a lot of the "surprises" and "plot twists" that are revealed, since I have a sinking feeling that I knew what was happening all along. (Which is all the more remarkable since I've only seen three episodes of the series.) This is unfair to the producers since I haven't been put through the requisite conditioning to accept things in certain ways. I'm looking forward to my first genuine "shock" of the season.

Dollhouse Viewings. I don't have the raw numbers in front of me, but I've read that the Season 2 premiere of Dollhouse had its lowest viewing audience to date. That is such a pity since I thought Whedon et al did a wonderful job of promoting the series during the summer. The Friday night time slot doesn't help matters, but it also shows that being fast out of the gates with something resembling an interesting, cohesive first season would have also done miracles for future ratings. I understand there's been considerable interference from Fox Network executives, with several accounts stating that they shuffled around the airing order of the episodes. There's also a lot of speculation already that the show will be cancelled mid-season! Regardless, despite my negative comments/constructive criticism, I'm hooked on the show, and I'll enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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