Friday, December 4, 2009

Alexis' LA Times Interview

Alexis Denisof/Eliza Dushku
Fox Publicity Promo for Dollhouse 2.05 "The Public Eye: The Left Hand"

Via Whedonesque, we have one more excellent Alexis Denisof interview, this time from the Los Angeles Times - Shadow Tracker blog.

I could comment at length about this piece, but it would just be overkill and I would only be detracting from what he had to say. I will allow myself to note that Alexis mentioned:
"... I have a melancholy feeling that Wesley perished [in the Angel series finale] It's a sweet melancholy, but I was very attached to the character."
It's very rewarding that Alexis is still willing to talk about Wesley and Angel even five years after the show's cancellation. It's frustrating reading his (and other people's) Dollhouse interviews because they have to be so careful not to reveal any spoilers. After the final episode airs in January, I hope Alexis, Joss and others continue talking about Dollhouse since I'd like to see what they have to say within the context of the entire series.

I'll be recording both of Alexis' Dollhouse appearances tonight and watching them over the weekend. The series touched on so many themes that will never be fully explored, not the least of which is how, in so many ways, we all live in a Dollhouse controlled by powerful forces outside of our control. Despite my reservations about the series as a whole, I feel privileged that I was at least able to get a glimpse of some of Joss Whedon's fascinating ideas.

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