Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, That Sucked!

Sorry if I offend anyone out there, but I thought Alexis Denisof was terrible in last night's Dollhouse, and the entire The Public Eye/The Left Hand episodes played out like a third-rate Mission Impossible rip-off. These were by far the worst Dollhouse shows I've ever seen.

No, I'm not disappointed that Senator Perrin turned out to be a Doll with his "wife" Cindy being his handler, since that was pretty predictable. I know Perrin was supposed to be an intellectual lightweight, but Denisof didn't have to act like a simpering weasel! What were the producers trying to do - sabotage his career? I didn't like the writing, and I didn't like the editing or the pacing either. Dollhouse was overly melodramatic in this episode arc and the show took itself way too seriously.

It was amazing how uneven the acting performances were. Each actor took turns putting in a few fine moments, but then later on they'd settle in for a few more "Let's mumble our lines and get out of here" routines. I might have to blame the director for that. Like I've mentioned several times before, the episodes always look like they've been rushed through production.

And what was up with Summer Glau? The only time I'd ever seen her was when she played the ballerina performing Giselle in Angel's Season 3's "Waiting in the Wings". As Bennett in the Washington, D.C. Dollhouse, she came across as Evil Genius Crazy Fred who had possibly only emerged from her Pylea cave about 15 minutes earlier. From all of the buzz that I read when Glau's Dollhouse appearance was first announced several months ago, I was expecting to see Bette Davis reincarnated.

I don't know if I'll do a more comprehensive post later on, but it doesn't seem sporting to keep beating a dead horse. As usual, I saw a lot of promise in the themes and plotlines, but the execution was horrible. I plan on watching the episodes again and I'll see if my opinions change at all.

I caught the previews to next week's episodes and they naturally looked fantastic! Will I watch them? I probably will, just because I'm still somehow hooked on the series. Plus, I'd hate to feel obligated to purchase the DVD's if I miss any of the episodes.

One bright spot - didn't shirtless Alexis look mighty fine when he was in bed with Eliza Dushku? Too bad that scene was about the most unerotic thing ever filmed. It doesn't even begin to compare with their smoking hot pairing as Wesley and Faith in Season 4 of Angel.

Update 12/13/09: I must have been particularly dyspeptic when I first saw these episodes. I watched them again last night and enjoyed them a lot more on the second viewing. It just goes to show that once I get hit by a particularly nasty "WTF?" moment, it tends to skew my opinions on the remainder of the show. I hope to do an updated review later this week.

Update 12/21/09: I was in a much better mood when I re-reviewed these same episodes a few days ago.

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