Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daniel Dae-Kim and Amy Acker Updates

Daniel Dae Kim. Per Whedonesque, I found out that Daniel Dae Kim (aka odious Wolfram & Hart lawyer Gavin Park in Angel, and Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost) has been cast as Detective Chin Ho Kelly in the CBS remake of the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series (1968-1980). I'll let you read The Hollywood Reporter and E! Online for more details. (Note: The Hollywood Reporter site was down when I tested the links after publishing the post. Hopefully it will be back online soon.) I understand that if everything goes according to plan, the new pilot might air later this spring. Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight and Three Rivers is supposedly in talks to take over Jack Lord's character of Detective Steve McGarrett. Best wishes to Kim on the success of the new series!

By wild coincidence, I'm currently watching Season 1 of Hawaii Five-O on DVD. My 1960's TV knowledge might be a bit hazy, but I'm thinking this series might have set the standard for later TV detective shows? Regardless, I love watching the beautiful scenery and seeing the old cars and hippy fashions circa 1968. Admiring a nice-looking James MacArthur as Danny "Book-em Danno" Williams is an added benefit. I can't help but mention that the opening theme to Hawaii Five-O (shown in the YouTube video above) ranks right up with Angel as best TV intro.

My family's favorite character from the series was the stoic "Kono" as played by native Hawaiian "Zulu" (or "Zoulou"). "Kono Power!" is a familiar chant in my household as he tackles multiple bad guys at once at the end of an episode. There are various versions floating around as to why Zulu left the series after the fourth season. I probably can't make a fair judgment just based on seeing half of the Season 1 episodes, but Kono's character seemed to be severely underutilized, as was also the case for most of the other characters. From what I've seen so far, the series was very much "The Jack Lord Show". Regular readers know I prefer TV shows with strong ensemble casts. Regardless, I hope they put in a "Kono" character in the remake.

Although Oahu was already highly developed by the time the series came on the air in 1968, you could tell there was still a lot of vacant real estate. It will be interesting (and probably quite sad) to compare the scenery between the 1968 and 2010 versions of Hawaii Five-O.

Here's some interesting trivia. According to the DVD I'm watching (but I can't confirm this), it appears that the excellent pilot movie for Hawaii Five-0 was the first pilot movie ever made for a TV series. Also, the character of Danny Williams was originally played by actor Tim O'Kelley, who appeared as the mass-murderer/sniper in the excellent Peter Bogdanovich horror movie Targets. (Targets is another great period piece out of 1968, particularly if you're into 1960's cars and streetscape scenes). He was replaced by James MacArthur when a test audience correctly stated that they didn't care for O'Kelley's characterization.

Amy Acker. Kelly over at My TV posted a lovely little interview with Amy Acker (Fred from Angel and Whiskey/Claire Saunders from Dollhouse). In it, Amy reminisced about her Shakespeare readings with Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards at Joss Whedon's house, talked about her upcoming appearances on ABC's Happy Town, said she'd love to work with Alexis Denisof again, and picked Wes over Gunn in her Fred/Gunn/Wesley love triangle!

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