Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few Random Buffy and Angel Thoughts

Buffy and Angel. As I'm working my way through Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on MTV, I'm realizing that Buffy and Angel were perfect for each other. Slayers and vampires aren't meant for each other? Oh, sure! It was totally unpredictable that the two of them would pair up, forbidden love and all that. (Dripping with heavy sarcasm, of course.) It kind of reminds me of how Wesley explained his relationship with Lilah to Fred in Angel's Season 4's "Players", "We were fighting on opposite sides, but it was the same war."

I couldn't imagine Buffy ever having a normal life, and she needed someone who could completely understand what she was going through. Who would have made a better partner than Angel?

This piece of dialogue from today's "The Prom" was particularly poignant, where Angel told Buffy she'd eventually want someone she could make love to, and to have children. Buffy claimed to not be interested in those things, which brings me to my next point. Buffy and Angel were about the only shows on TV that could convince us (or me at least) that not having a sex life was kind of a cool thing, and, in an odd way, even somewhat erotic. Of course, Joyce Summers and Angel were correct in that the odds were not in favor of a happy permanent relationship between Buffy and Angel. Having Angel turn into Angelus when he reached perfect happiness with Buffy was a pretty powerful argument against keeping the two of them together.

Finally, I was thrilled to hear Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" at the Sunnydale High School prom. "Praise You", of course, was also included in Cruel Intentions, a movie in which Sarah Michelle Gellar put in an absolutely terrific performance. That was the first time I saw Gellar, and I thought she was destined for stardom.

Angel Season 3 Stand-Alone Episodes. I've never hid the fact that I rather enjoy stand-alone episodes that switch up the pace a bit and give us a break from hard-hitting story arcs. I'm working my way through Season 3 of Angel on my DVD's and providing episode reviews on somewhat of a hit and miss basis. Just because I'm not reviewing an episode this time around doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. For example, I'm more convinced than ever that adorable (but admittedly light-weight) "Couplet" is my all-time favorite Angel episode. However, I've written so much about this show in the past (in bits and pieces), I don't feel compelled to write about it again.

Two other episodes I really enjoyed were "Dad" and "Provider" for their perfect blend of comedy and adventure. These are episodes that my non-Angel-obsessed family members can enjoy with a minimal amount of extra narration from me.

Loyalty. Every so often I need to include a "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is incredibly hot" post, and it's time I did it again. I saw "Loyalty" today where Bad Ass Wesley made his official debut. I couldn't help but raise my eyebrows when I saw that Mere Smith wrote this episode. In the not too distant past, I wrote about how, in the DVD commentary for "Lullaby" she talked about how she decided that the show's creators needed to get Alexis Denisof out of his glasses, which, not so coincidentally, she did so in "Birthday" when Wesley appeared in Cordelia's alternate reality. In "Loyalty", Wesley kept his glasses, but the sexy three-day stubble on his face more than made up for it. My "Pause" button really got a workout on my remote.

Denisof did some of his best acting in "Loyalty", where he agonized over how he could protect both his friend Angel and baby Connor from what seemed like an inevitable tragic fate. I've seen this episode, how many times now? And I still had to keep dabbing at my eyes with a tissue.

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