Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry, Blythe Danner Fans

Through the vagaries of spiders and gremlins, Google is directing readers who are clicking on a particularly lovely image of Blythe Danner in Google Images to my main URL instead of to the correct site. In a previous post I mentioned that Kristine Sutherland, the actress who played Buffy's mother Joyce Summers, looked a lot like Blythe Danner. I then included a hyperlink to a photo of Danner that appears at a NPR/PBS station website out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I did not post the actual photo or hotlink to the site. Unfortunately, Google Image mentions both the radio/TV station URL, and my URL, then directs the reader to my site when he or she clicks on the image. I deleted the link in my post, and I hope the problem eventually goes away.

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