Monday, February 8, 2010

Wesley's Debut on Buffy

So, what were you expecting? I'm too emotionally biased to give an objective review of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce's debut in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season 3's "Bad Girls". I thought he was absolutely adorable, while everyone else was mean to him!

All kidding aside (well, sort of), Wesley certainly had a lot of self-confidence, even if he didn't have much to back it up with. His first meeting with Buffy gave me a flicker of insight as to some intriguing future possibilities they could have had together. Unfortunately, Giles and Faith were around, so their appearances kind of watered down Wes and Buffy's initial contact quite a bit. In a way, it's too bad Wesley didn't stick around Buffy and eventually successfully grow into his Watcher role. Buffy and Wes could have learned a lot from each other: he about humility and treating Buffy with consideration and compassion; and she about patience and respect as she helped train the rookie Watcher Wesley in his new position.

I'm also saddened by the unraveling of the Buffy/Faith relationship in this part of Season 3, since I thought they had an interesting yin-yang thing going on. I'm really enjoying Angel swooping in on a regular basis to help save the day, and I can definitely see why David Boreanaz needed his own show. There were too many great things going on in Buffy to be able to fit everything in. It's just too bad Eliza Dushku didn't find a similar outlet for her "Faith" character.

P.S. Didn't Alexis Denisof put in a nice performance in his Wesley debut?

(Wesley's image is from The Buffy Body Count.)

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