Sunday, March 14, 2010

James Marsters in Paradise

Per Whedonesque, James Marsters has announced in his Facebook page that he'll be appearing as a bad guy in the pilot episode of the new Hawaii Five-O TV series. Daniel Dae Kim has already been cast as detective Chin Ho Kelly, while it seems to be more official that Alex O'Loughlin will take over Jack Lord's spot as Steve McGarrett.

My family is still having a great time working through Season 1 DVD's of the original Hawaii Five-O. While the show is unintentionally funny at times, it's fascinating to watch TV tropes that we now know and love while they were in their early stages of development. It's also fascinating to see the 1969 episodes as museum pieces, where Caucasian actors were still being routinely cast as Orientals (e.g., Ricardo Montalban as a Japanese villain.) I know this would be a horrible idea, but I just can't help but visualize James Marsters being cast as a character named something like Dr. Foo Man Choo.

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