Thursday, March 25, 2010

Special Lorne/Andy Hallett Comic Tribute Released

(Warning: Some of my links below have spoilers, so proceed at your own risk if you're a stickler about these things.)

Whedonesque has a nice thread going regarding the IDW 48- pagetribute comic to Lorne/Andy Hallett. Powerdad at iFanboy posted a good review of John Byrne's Angel:Lorne and further revealed that Byrne has announced that he'll be donating royalties to heart research. Hallett, of course, passed away almost a year ago on March 29, 2009 due to complications relating to his heart condition.

The comic has some wonderful special features, including special contributions from Mark "the Groosalugg" Lutz and After the Fall's Brian Lynch. The list price seems to be $7.99 USD, but it appears you can get it for a little less by hitting the usual suspect online retailers. Regardless, the money spent should be well worth it, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause.

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