Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Charisma and Sly

Via Whedonesque, I came across an interview with Charisma Carpenter at EW.com's Popwatch, "Charisma Carpenter on How Cordelia Chase Landed Her in Sylvester Stallone's 'Expendables' (and the Butterfingers Defense League)". I had read the story someplace else about how Charisma landed her role in "The Expendables" in part by showing Stallone her performance from Season 5 of Angel's "You're Welcome", but it's certainly worth reading about it again. My only question is that it seems that Charisma had to actually read for the role, but I honestly couldn't tell from the narrative exactly when the audition took place. Not that it matters any, since it appears they've finished shooting the movie and it should be released in August. HOORAY FOR CHARISMA!

I loved how Sly said they were looking for someone who could convey softness in the role. Apparently, all of the other women who auditioned played it too tough. From what I'm reading Charisma must have been perfectly cast. I just hope the movie also takes advantage of her comedic skills.

As far as her Butterfinger gig, Carpenter claims to be a big fan of the candy bar. I can take or leave Butterfingers. I never buy them for myself or my family. However, back in the day when my kids still went trick-or-treating, they'd sort out the candy which they knew they wouldn't be eating. My husband and I would eat what we wanted from the leftovers (ahem) and throw out the rest. Butterfingers landed in the "Candy That My Husband and I Would Eat" category.

I don't usually buy a product just because a favorite celebrity endorses it. However, I might pick up an occasional Butterfinger bar from now on if I see it as an impulse item. I just won't be buying them at the theater when I'm watching "The Expendables" because they're WAY too expensive there.

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