Thursday, June 10, 2010

Helpful Info. on Removing the Google Background Image

Update 12:49 PM So far, my best advice is to change your home page to Feel free to poke around the rest of my post for other helpful hints.

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Here are a few links to sites that give suggestions on how to try to get rid of the annoying Google background images. As far as I can tell, we'll be subject to the revolving door of background images for a total of 24 hours. Afterwards, we'll supposedly be able to switch back to the old background. It would have been nice if that information was easily accessible from the Google home page.

We'll see what happens. I just hope we don't have to sign into our Google accounts every time we want to see the old clean image. I rarely ever sign in except for when I'm blogging.

And now for the links.

"Remove the Google Background Image", from OsXDaily. The most helpful piece of advice was to switch to, which is their encrypted SSL page.

"How to Remove Google's Background Image", from firstfoundblog. This and many other sites tell us to simply click on the “remove background image link”. I have yet to find such a link, so I'm hoping it magically appears in 24 hours.


"Promotion for Google's Wallpaper Feature", from Google Operating System. It shows how to choose a white background. This also appears in the OsXDaily link mentioned above. Interestingly enough, I tried this a few hours ago and the pop-up page they referenced didn't appear to me. It finally worked for me a few minutes ago. As it turns out, you only get that pop-up page if you're signed into your Google account.

"Remove the new background image(s) from Google.....", Google Help Forum. More of the same from above, but you might find something interesting if you keep poking around this thread.

My Advice So Far - I have set up as my home page for when my family members go to Google without signing in to an existing account. I have the white background set up for the regular page for when I sign in using my Google account. (Rats - a few hours after I typed this, I logged in and found that my home page reverted to, which is OK with me. It's working fine. I'm giving up and I won't try fine-tuning anymore.)

I'll add more links if I run across any that offer new information.

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