Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet and Adorable Alert!

I've sanctimoniously stated in the past that I don't want to enable paparazzi photographers who make their livings by violating the privacy of celebrity children. However, there's been such a flurry of adorable photos of Satyana Denisof being posted online lately I knew I'd reach a breaking point sooner or later. It's hard to pick out just one source to link to, but I'm particularly fond of this post from the UK's Daily Mail, "Is Alyson Hannigan's Daughter the Happiest Little Girl in Hollywood?" I chose this because I loved the combination of the lovely photos coupled with an actual article.

And I fully admit one of the reasons I love this photo set is because it shows a lot of interaction between Alexis and Satyana.


P.S. Did I forget to say that Satyana is about the cutest little thing in the world now? I'd like about three of her for Xmas.


Lisa said...

Ridiculously cute! Such a beautiful family. Sigh.

Miriam said...

I agree, Lisa. Instead of taking three Satyana's for Xmas, I'll take in the whole family instead.

Alyson has been positively beaming in her photos lately. She and Satyana look like they're best buddies.