Friday, December 31, 2010

Followed by a Happy New Year

Talk about from beyond the grave! I ran across a reference to a real live (dead?) zombie situation when I read Yves Smith's post at Naked Capitalism, "Woman Deceased in 1995 Continued to Robo Sign Till at Least 2008". It appears that Wolfram & Hart isn't the only firm that keeps their employees around courtesy of their "standard perpetuity clause". (Minor clarification 1/1/2011 - the dead robo-signer was actually the mother of one of the company's employees.)

I'm actually hard at work on my next post, which is a review of "Lineage" from Season 5 of Angel. I can't give you an exact ETA, but I'm hoping it comes out sometime over the weekend.

Thanks for being so patient with me everyone, and please have a wonderfully Happy and prosperous New Year!

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