Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not So Giant Leap

I've often wondered how Fred made the jump from being a history major to becoming a physics grad student as described in Season 4 of Angel's "Supersymmetry". John Horgan offers a clue in his Scientific American article, "Science Faction: Is Theoretical Physics Becoming 'Softer' Than Anthropology?"

(H/T to Mark Thoma at Economist's View.)

Finally, thanks to a h/t from reader Patrick at Economist's View, Columbia University physicist and mathematics lecturer Peter Woit, Ph.D., informs us in his blog Not Even Wrong what's currently happening in the theoretical world of string theory and low-energy supersymmetry. Short answer, not much.

Afterthought. Per this post from Peter Woit, I wonder if this New York Times article from 2000 influenced Fred's story line.

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