Sunday, June 12, 2011

Patrick Shand's Suggested Reading Order of IDW Angel Comics

Patrick Shand became my Insta Hero when he posted "IDW's Angel - Reading Order" over at his Writerly Writings blog. Shand pointed out that "IDW has put out such a wealth of Angel comics in the past five years that some fans have mentioned not knowing where to start." To help us novices, he came up with ".... a suggested reading order of everything published since Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch started telling the official, post-television series Angel story." As an extra bonus, Shand also provided us a with a listing of IDW Angel comics that were published before Brian Lynch and Joss Whedon started collaborating on their After the Fall Series.

Shand, of course, is eminently qualified to give us Angel fans a suggested reading list. He's perhaps best known for his Buffyverse Comic Reviews site, and one of his own dreams came true when he was chosen to contribute a short story to the newly-released Angel: Yearbook, which is IDW's final installment in their Angel comic continuation series. (Dark Horse is taking over publishing duties as Angel gets merged into the Buffy franchise).

He fully admitted his bias in recommending that people start off with reading Angel: Yearbook, (not to mention that there's a Wesley-themed story in the mix!), but Shand does have a valid point. When we are just starting off with or trying to catch up with a series, we're naturally interested in what the newest publications have to offer. Angel:Yearbook is a collection of stories that we can apparently enjoy without having read the entire IDW Angel product line ahead of time. An added bonus is that I can read Yearbook as an exercise in enjoying Angel comics for their own sake without getting all hung about whether the stories are "canon" or not."

In a way it's kind of good that the Angel series came to an end at IDW, since at least I see a light at the end of the tunnel in catching up with my reading. I'm not sure I'll switch over to Dark Horse any time soon, but never say never I guess.

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