Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hissy Fit of the Day

I sat down last night to watch two Season 6 episodes of Supernatural that I had recorded off of TNT and was dismayed to find out that a favorite episode of mine, "Frontierland", had apparently been dropped from the rotation this time around. I was curious to see if TNT had skipped any other episodes from Season 6, and I was even more to dismayed to discover that they had also cut out "The French Mistake", and "My Heart Will Go On".

(Here's a listing of Supernatural Season 6 episodes.)

What's worse is I that I found out from the Zap2it listings that TNT abruptly stopped showing Season 6 episodes after "Mommy Dearest" and opted to jump directly to the beginning of Season 1. That's not the end of the world for me since I've only seen a few episodes from Season 1. However, it unfortunately means I'm missing the outstanding Castiel-centric episode, "The Man Who Would Be King", along with "Let It Bleed" and the season-ending "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Since I started watching the series on a regular basis several weeks ago, I'm not aware that TNT has skipped any other episodes. (Note: The CW site is currently showing "The Man Who Knew Too Much", I think until the end of this week.)

When I was still watching Angel on TNT a few years ago I remember how the network would skip an episode on extremely rare occasions. A bigger problem I had was how TNT sometimes took liberties with their scheduling and I would miss episodes if they were aired in atypical time slots. Regardless, there never seemed to be any logical explanation for the missing shows, so I just chalked it all up to human error. However, with so many episodes missing from Season 6, I figure there had to be some reason for why this is happening.

After spending less than a minute on Google, I found that TNT had skipped Supernatural episodes before in the past. In this particular forum that I linked to above, fans speculated it had to do with how certain shows had previously been shown on a Supernatural marathon that had aired a short time earlier. This time around I'm wondering if TNT is skipping episodes because Supernatural Season 6 has only recently been released on DVD? It makes perfect sense for TNT to agree to hold off airing all of the Season 6 episodes for a while so that they wouldn't be interfering with DVD sales.

Also, I haven't been keeping track of this, but I'm wondering if TNT is also skipping Bones episodes as well? Though, with all of the weird times that TNT airs the series, I don't think anyone could possibly be able to tell if any of the episodes went missing.

I hate to actually go so far as to criticize TNT since they provide a wonderful service in airing all sorts of wonderful TV show, like Angel, Charmed, Supernatural, Bones etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually enjoying Season 6 of Supernatural , particularly since the entire cosmology of the series was really starting to gel. It's just a pain in the butt to be faithfully following a storyline, only to be thrown a curve when a network starts skipping episodes. I was particularly looking forward to seeing Season 6 of Supernatural in its entirety since I'd only previously seen a few episodes in the latter part of the season.

I know, I know. I should stick a crowbar into my purse and buy the Season 6 DVD's.

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